Our Focus

We support the scale-up and commercialization of novel chemical process technologies through fundamental lab-based development; test stand validation and Proof of Concept; and Pilot / Demonstration plan engineering design. We provide process R&D and engineering services under aggressive timelines and budget constraints with a focus on generating process understanding and insight critical for scale-up. Our expertise is utilized to identify the right level of lab development, engineering, fabrication, and experimental testing to cost-effectively meet your project demands.  

Our Collaborative Approach

We work with your experts to provide accelerated, targeted, cost-effective approaches to identify and address key process challenges through bench scale process development, Proof of Concept validation, and scale-up. Our open collaborative approach ensures that process learnings developed are promptly shared and effectively utilized.  

Our History

AGEIAS has over 10 years EPCM and process R&D management experience helping clients develop and scale-up their processes through the design and operation of modular pilot and test stand systems for a wide range of processing fields. We have expanded our capabilities with lab and recently acquired piloting facilities to directly assist clients at earlier stages of their process development.

Our Diverse Team 

Our team of scientists and engineers come from a broad range of precommercial development and commercial production environments. Experienced in the development and scale-up of novel chemical processes, our personnel understand the process challenges for novel technologies when there are a significant number of process unknowns. From early-stage fundamental research to detailed engineering scale-up design to operations and production, our diverse team has the experience and expertise to progress your process to the next stage of its development.

Our Clients Include

  • Academic research groups, contract research organizations
  • Technology startups
  • Conventional engineering houses
  • Established chemical processing companies

Experience in Diverse Process Areas

  • High temperature thermochemical conversion
  • Specialty chemical synthesis and production
  • Biosynthesis, hydrogen / syngas production
  • CAM (Cathode Active Material) production
  • Electrochemical, pulp and paper, oil and gas

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