Our Lab Space & Process Development

We focus on process development in our wet chemistry and bio labs which have extensive fume hood space and assorted analytical and processing equipment including multiscale reactors, autoclaves, laminar flow hood, HPLC, viscometers, and mixing set ups.

For process development, we focus on:

  • Discovery and process chemistry
  • Specialty chemical synthesis
  • Reaction mechanisms and kinetics
  • Characterization of reaction products and vent by-products
  • Process hydrodynamics and mixing
  • Method development and experimental design

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Our Piloting Space

The extensive infrastructure in our piloting space allows us to rapidly implement flexible, high functionality test stand and pilot systems to generate and validate process data critical to engineering design and scale-up.

Our robust piloting space features:

  • 4000+ SQFT for test stand and pilot operations

  • Extensive electrical and ventilation infrastructure

  • Installation of containment enclosures for toxic and flammable gas processes
  • Operations for development testing campaigns

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Our Pilot Engineering

Our team of engineers provides complete services to design processing pilot and demonstration plants. Our experience will help to identify the appropriate degree of engineering to meet development objectives and mitigate the process unknowns inherent with novel process piloting.

We offer pilot engineering services that include:

  • Conceptual, Basic, Detail Design
  • Mass and Energy Balance development
  • Equipment design specification and P&ID development
  • Instrument and controls specification and configuration
  • 3D Solid Modelling and layout design
  • Process Hazard Assessment
  • Assembly management

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Our Modular Plants

Our modular systems design approach for R&D testing, proof of concept pilot, demonstration, and production process plants will accelerate your process technology from concept to commercialization. We offer a streamlined, cost-effective design approach to take your process technology to the next level, an approach not easily achieved by conventional engineering houses.

Our modular system designs feature:

  • High degrees of process flexibility and functionality to explore wider operating envelopes needed for pilot testing
  • Skid-mounted, modular process system designs that minimize site installation costs
  • Modular piping designs to facilitate modifications for alternative processing methods with a wide range of materials of construction to meet aggressive process requirements
  • PLC based or decentralized control and automation
  • Assembly shop commissioned to accelerate site start up
  • Full start up and operations support

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